David V. King


David V. King (1924–2004) was a warm-hearted man with an endless energy for business, entrepreneurialism and teaching those around him.

After more than twenty years of experience as a corporate executive, David retired from his position as CEO of a public company to establish and grow an independent petroleum company in the New York City area. He later converted this business into a diversified commercial real estate company.

While recovering from life-saving surgery in Tampa, Florida, he met Dr. Roberto Araujo and became aware of the work he and his colleagues had been performing as the Medical Mission of Mercy (MMM). David was immediately inspired by Dr. Araujo’s passion and dedication. He saw an opportunity to take his boundless passion for philanthropy and experience in construction to assist in the creation of medical facilities in El Salvador. With that, he created an organization to provide modern medical facilities in areas of great need. Medical Mission International soon acquired land in Jucuapa upon which the Center is now built.

Unfortunately, David died in 2004 before seeing the successful implementation of the Medical Center. But before he died, he passed the torch of Medical Mission International on to his son, Bradley. Today, the medical center in Jucuapa bears David’s name.