Hospital Nacional San Juan de Dios

Santa Ana, El Salvador
As with the Hospital de Maternidad la Divina Providencia, this medical facility needed significant improvement to meet the growing medical needs of the city of Santa Ana.

In 2004, when we first toured the facility, Hospital Nacional San Juan de Dios was utilizing medical equipment and care facilities that had not been upgraded since the 1950s.

Medical Mission International oversaw the extensive remodeling, rebuilding and re-equipping of an existing pediatric wing. Today, the wing is fully modernized with updated electrical wiring, air conditioning, comfortable furnishings and cheerful colors to create an environment for healing.

We also expanded the existing building to create a Pediatric Intensive Care (ICU) Unit — the first modern Pediatric ICU in the entire area. The Pediatric ICU suite includes seven air-conditioned rooms and has already been utilized in numerous life-saving treatments.

This project was accomplished in conjunction with Fundación Rafael Meza Ayau, Fundación Misión Médica El Salvador , the Ministry of Health, and with contributions from Salvadoran businesses.