Why El Salvador?

As we raise funds and form partnerships to complete our vision, we are often asked: “Why El Salvador?”

Our answer has evolved over the years. Our good friend, Dr. Roberto Arevalo-Araujo, initially introduced us to El Salvador and explained its critical need for sustainable medical solutions. His passion became David’s King’s passion, and he wanted to do his part to contribute.  His involvement lead to the formation of Medical Mission International, Inc.

Over the course of 13 year involvement, we have come to love this nation and its friendly and warm-hearted people. Despite the after-effects of the last quarter century’s war, famine and economic recessions, many Salvadorans are doing what they can to forge a brighter future.

But they can’t do it alone. For every step forward in a Salvadoran’s life (political stability, a growing economy), there is often a step backward (natural disasters, a persistent lack of quality medical care).

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In many cases, simple ailments that would be easily treated in the developed world hold Salvadorans back, limiting their ability to produce a decent living, and all-too-often, leading to an untimely death.

We know these needs and circumstances aren’t unique to El Salvador, but what we see in this country is an outstanding potential to create a lasting, sustainable quality of life. We have worked extensively with local governments and entrepreneurs in El Salvador, and we know the desire and will to have a better life for all is alive and well.

We’ve made great strides. Now WE NEED YOUR HELP to complete our vision.

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